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Do & Dont

  • Maintain sanctity & silence in the Mandir premises.
  • Please put your offering in the 'Donation box' only.
  • Take receipt for any Donation whether in cash or kind,
  • Don't bring any eatable or eat in the Mandir.
  • For booking of any Service from NBCA, whether Religious or social,  please contact 'office Manager' and obtain proper receipt.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the TEMPLE. Don't deface the Mandir walls.
  • Nobody other than the Priests is permitted to enter the main 'Garva griha' (idol rooms) of the Mandir other than Shiv Mandir.
  • Lighting of CANDLE/ DIYA in the MANDIR may please be avoided.

Mandir is yours. Please help us to maintain its sanctity

Suggestions are welcome for better maintenance of Mandir

For Dharamsala's details see 'Facilities page'.

All complaints/ Observations may be referred to the:

 (a) Office Manager : (9818228357, 0120-4547375)
(b) President : 9811210536
(c) Secretary : 9818883598